Saturday, August 13, 2011

My New Audi A4 - in cake form!

My dad got me a new car this summer (I know I almost peed a little I was so excited) and to say thank you, I thought I would give him a car too. I have always wanted to use fondant before, but I've been pretty intimidated by it. I thought it would be really difficult and too advanced for my inexperienced...ness. I'm not gonna lie, this is the most time consuming kitchen project I have ever done, but it is so satisfying that I would absolutely do it again. (although its redunculously expensive too - the fondant alone was over 20 dorra. no I didn't make it myself. even the big deal bakers don't make their own though. I know sucre doesn't...big deal) Anyhoo, I also had to bake 3 cakes which has 8 egg yolks in each cake. yeah that an s*-ton of eggs. I plan to make some macaroons tomorrow though with the leftover whites so we'll see how that goes.


For the cake I used a classic yellow cake recipe I found on the inter-web which you can find here. This particular project was more about the look of the cake than the actual taste. I basically wanted to see if I could actually pull it off so I didn't want to get to wild with flavors. I also wanted to do a yellow cake because my car is black with a beige interior (so I want to make a black car cake, with a yellow interior with a chocolate ganache between each layer. I know, I'm realllly clever)

I used two large rectangular pans and two medium rectangular pans (with 3 recipes of the classic yellow cake)

After I carved the cake, I covered it in chocolate ganache so the fondant would stick to the cake
I made a small batch of simple buttercream for the piping(and don't tell steph, but I don't know how I feel about them candle holders. their pretty intense...)
You would think that cutting into the cake you spent several days to make would be heartbreaking, but I actually loved it...Also I didn't realize how big of a cake this actually is. It could easily serve about 20 or more people. There were 3 of us....
Because it took me several days to make this cake (because I work too much and never have time to do anything these days) the cake itself was dryer than when it was first baked. Therefiz I decided to add a dollop of buttercream on the side with some fresh blueberries. I think it make a huge difference.

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